Business Information Technology: Overview

Business Information Technology: Overview
Description of the BIT major in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech

ZIBAT Institute of Business and Technology – Denmark

ZIBAT Institute of Business and Technology – Denmark
Zealand Institute of Business and Technology ťa naučí spolupracovať s ostatnými
študentmi. Pozri si príbeh Jakuba, Anny a Zuzany z Čiech, ktorí tvrdia, že v porovnaní s našimi školami sú tie dánske určite na vyššej úrovni. Už žiadne „šprtanie” a štúdium osamote. Spolupracuj, uč sa dialógom a prezentáciami – nenásilne a zábavne! Zisti viac na http://www.studujvdansku.sk

NSU Spring 2014 Commencement: College of Business, Technology, Science, Health Profession

NSU Spring 2014 Commencement: College of Business, Technology, Science, Health Profession

Business and Technology Management

Business and Technology Management
Introduction to the Unilever Future Leaders Business and Technology Management Programme in the UK and Ireland.

Q&A – Business Information Technology Degree [BSc] (G500)

Q&A – Business Information Technology Degree [BSc] (G500)
For more information, visit: http://bit.ly/MxnIxK
00:11 – What is this course about?
00:42 – What would attract students?
01:21 – What modules are available?
03:13 – What are the entry requirements?
03:35 – What applicable skills do students gain?
04:45 – What are the potential career options for graduates?
05:17 – What work experience is available?

Life as a Managing Consultant in Business Technology

Life as a Managing Consultant in Business Technology
Charlotta Brile from Norway tells us what life is like as a Managing Consultant at Capgemini. Find out her full story : http://www.capgemini.com/careers/what-our-people-say/charlotta-brile

Interested in working at Capgemini? Visit http://www.capgemini.com/careers

Business Communication Technology

Business Communication Technology
Business Communication Technology

This video has the most extensive coverage available today of the technology that’s used in business communication in modern offices throughout the world.

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European Business Technology Centre ::: A Success Story

European Business Technology Centre ::: A Success Story
The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) supports EU companies and researchers on their market entry to India by offering long-term hands-on support with a myriad of services. With offices in India’s metros of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, EBTC is well placed to offer complete end-to-end solutions to companies who want to enter and flourish in the Indian market.

EBTC’s efforts focus on 4 key sectors — Biotech, Energy, Environment and Transport — all of which offer enormous scope for closer EU-India collaboration, be it in business, science or technology. As the connecting platform between business, research, and government, EBTC ensures that EU players are well networked with a solid base from which to develop their venture.

EBTC is a programme co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by EUROCHAMBRES.

Visit us on www.ebtc.eu

ASUS Small Business Technology Upgrade Contest

ASUS Small Business Technology Upgrade Contest
ENTER for your chance to win a ,000 technology upgrade for your business! http://bit.ly/techupgrade

The ASUS Small Business Technology Upgrade Contest & Sweepstakes is dedicated to providing small businesses with innovative technology product solutions to help grow their business. We’re looking for creative, inspiring and driven small business owners to tell us why they are one of the most enterprising and innovative small businesses in the US and Canada and how we can help them grow. The 3 companies who inspire us the most will each receive ,000 of ASUS products to update their office. We will also randomly select a sweepstakes winner from the final entries to win a set of ASUS products worth ,000!

Winners of the contest will not only receive a free office tech upgrade, they will also have the chance to be featured across various ASUS websites, e-newsletters and social media channels for a massive amount of exposure!

What Is Cloud Computing by Business Technology Marketing Visionary, Author, and Speaker Jack Shaw

What Is Cloud Computing by Business Technology Marketing Visionary, Author, and Speaker Jack Shaw


Hi, I’m Jack Shaw. The good people at DynaSis have asked me to put together this series of brief videos discussing Cloud Computing and its implications for small businesses. This video explains what Cloud Computing is. Others in this series discuss the benefits of Cloud Computing, address concerns you may have about Cloud Computing, and describe the ITility Cloud Solution which DynaSis offers to help your business gain the full advantages of Cloud Computing.
So let’s talk about Cloud Computing. Simply put, Cloud Computing is the ability to access data, software applications, storage, communications capabilities, and computer processing power from a “Cloud” of online resources.
The idea of calling remotely located resources a “cloud” goes back to the early days of the Internet and, even before that, to the public telephone network. Engineers would draw a picture of a cumulus cloud to represent a network whose complexity was far more than needed to be diagrammed in detail. Somewhere out there in the cloud were all the resources needed.
In concept this is really nothing new. As far back as the 1960′s, there were solution providers called “Service Bureaus.” Mainframe computers, the only ones that existed at the time, cost millions of dollars. Service bureaus allowed small businesses to share the costs of computing by letting those companies submit their data or run their programs on the service bureaus’ computers. The media may have been punched cards and printed reports, but the underlying concept was the same as with the Cloud. Cut costs by sharing resources.
Even earlier in the 20th Century, companies that once ran their own power generators eventually bought electricity from a select group of utility providers because it was cheaper and easier to do so. At first, companies were reluctant to give up control of part of their infrastructure, but once they did, they were able to focus on getting better at their business. And everyone came out ahead.
Industry experts have long known that once information technology got to be fast and reliable enough, the world’s computing infrastructure would come to resemble the electricity infrastructure—and that’s exactly what’s happening with Cloud Computing.
Having your infrastructure in the Cloud means you no longer have to incur the expense, effort and staffing needed to maintain your own in-house servers. Your desktops and laptops still stay in your office. But your servers, and their software and data, will all reside securely in the Cloud.
You can also relocate your desktop data and software, such as email and office productivity applications, to the Cloud. This way you can ensure that all of your people are using consistent, legally licensed software. And you can make certain that all of your PCs’ data files are regularly and securely backed up.
You may wonder if the benefits of moving to the Cloud justify the effort involved. In our video, “Why Should My Business Consider Cloud Computing?” we’ll discuss the costs and benefits in detail. But, it’s certainly worth taking a moment here to summarize some of the key advantages of Cloud Computing.
• First, you can eliminate most, or even all, of the overhead and hassles of managing your own server room.
• Second, you’ll have a predictable monthly cost which, because you only pay for what you use, is typically 30% — 50% less than what you pay today.
• Third, because you are, in effect, renting instead of buying technology infrastructure, you convert capital investments to operating expenses.
• Fourth, your data and systems will be accessible to your entire staff from wherever they have Internet access — at work, at home, or on the road.
• Fifth, your systems will be automatically and securely backed up and upgraded on a consistent and timely basis.
• And sixth, as you grow your business, your systems will be smoothly scalable from a handful of people to hundreds or more.
Of course no experienced business person is going to make a change like adopting Cloud Computing without asking some key questions: Is it safe? Is it secure? Is it reliable?
In our video titled, “Should I be Concerned about Cloud Computing?” we’ll address these and related issues in detail. The good news is this. With your systems and data running in the Cloud, your applications will actually run faster, your systems will be more reliable, and your data will be far more secure than they are today in your current environment.
Finally, you’ll want to know how you can gain the benefits of Cloud Computing for your business. Our video titled, “The ITility Cloud Solution for Small Businesses” describes how DynaSis can provide you with exactly the Cloud Computing services your business needs while smoothly managing your transition to the Cloud making it as easy, as inexpensive, and as painless as possible.
Thanks for your time, and I’ll see you in the Cloud!