IGEL Technology Interview | Retail Business Technology Expo 2011

IGEL Technology Interview | Retail Business Technology Expo 2011
Simon Richards – General Manager of IGEL Technology talks at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2011.

Customized Technology

A critical factor of IGEL’s success is the maintenance of a strong in-house engineering and product development team that enables us to create a range of high quality, state-of-the-art, thin client solutions for you at the right price. Even customized solutions are possible in projects. Our long term alliances with some of the world’s top technology companies in the field of server-based computing and virtualisation helps us to continue to evolve and grow value added solutions for our customers.
Remotely managing local hardware and software settings

New thinking and technological ambition have resulted in IGEL having one of the broadest range of thin clients available in the market today. Our thin client products give you access to the richest set of protocols, clients and local applications, supported by powerful remote management software, and provide maximum control while minimizing cost and complexity.
Secure and Future Proof Solutions

We will continue to build on our solid foundations of organic growth, with a strong customer focus, to deliver outstanding and affordable thin client solutions. Using world-class German engineering we will deliver devices that are secure, reliable, future proofed, and easily managed by you, using open systems, across any operating environment. This is accompanied by our integrated quality and environmental management system according to ISO 9001 and 14001.
Global Partner Network

With a global and well-established distribution network of knowledgeable partners, a world class management team, and a clear vision of future thin client technology, we will meet your needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

Online Business Technology Helps with Healthcare Staffing

hospital staffingThe medical healthcare staffing solutions field has branched out considerably in the past century. There have been hospitals and doctors since the Ancient Greeks but doctors are no longer the jack-of-all-trades they were like in the past. There are neurologists, dermatologists, radiologists, cardiologists, and many, many more types of doctor today. But it’s not just doctors that have branched out; actual medical facilities have changed and branched out from simple hospitals. There are physical therapy facilities, dentist’s offices, family clinics, and more. A hospital might have a number of facilities like these as a part of their building, but independent offices and facilities can be found all over. Regardless of whether it’s a hospital or an independent facility, they all require qualified, experienced staff in order to run smoothly and efficiently while providing the medical service the general public needs.

Finding the proper staff for a medical facility can be an arduous task depending on how the facility goes about its search. It certainly doesn’t hurt to search locally using local papers and such, but unless the facility is located in or near a big city, the required expertise might not be available in the local area. Setting up a website can greatly help extend the reach of a search, but for the best results, a medical facility looking for staff should look into using a staffing agency such as http://www.katondirect.com. The Medical Staffing Network is an experienced agency that has decades of experience in finding medical facilities the staff they need to properly function. Both hospitals and independent medical offices can greatly benefit from the experience and connections a staffing agency can provide, especially when it comes to highly skilled fields like anesthesiology. It’s certainly not a requirement to use such a service, but not using one is a great way to deprive a medical facility of an access point to experienced, qualified employees.